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  • Luca Zavarella

    Luca Zavarella

    ML & AI Practice Director at Lucient. Classical pianist in the free time.

  • Ramesh Ponnusamy

    Ramesh Ponnusamy

    Full-stack developer, DevOps, Python, SQL, Javascript, Flask, Django, Ubuntu, Freelancer. Well good at handling the data. Gmail: ramramesh1374@gmail.com

  • Sanjay Mishra

    Sanjay Mishra

    Cloud Architect, OpenSource Believer!!

  • Yunrui Li

    Yunrui Li

    I’m Taiwanese expat. I’v worked in Singapore as data scientist after graduation from Taiwan and currently I work in Amsterdam as machine learning engineer.

  • Chris von Csefalvay

    Chris von Csefalvay

    VP of Special Projects at Starschema, clinical computational epidemiologist, rower. Passionate about the potential of data science to improve the world.

  • Lukas Biewald

    Lukas Biewald

    I'm the founder of Weights & Biases. Previously founder of Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower).

  • Oliver Gyldenberg Hjermitslev

    Oliver Gyldenberg Hjermitslev

    Visual Computing Specialist at the Alexandra Institute, Denmark. I work with computer vision, computer graphics, and deep learning.

  • Lex Fridman

    Lex Fridman

    Research scientist at MIT working on human-centered AI and deep learning approaches to shared autonomy in self-driving cars. https://deeplearning.mit.edu

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