A story using GRE words (Group 1 : 30 words)

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Thoughts abound when in solitude , thanks to COVID-19, some endearing some not so. A state which we considered order turned amorphous if not chaos . We have been forced into or gifted an austere life . A lot of questions being raised with belied responses . Each day with a capricious outcome, not many can handle . funny how a fear of a predictable outcome can result in such a capricious one . A lot of numbers being followed , caught in a dilemma of being cerebral or empathetic . All hail the souls who are far away from home with no congenial company . Hang in there human .

Funny how an invisible virus brought out many conspicuous connections .Everyday actions moved from being a cursory one to a cautious one . The way out seems more daunting than ever . Doctors feel gratified if not deified . News outlets should focus on delivering in a more didactic tone rather mere following of the rules . Social media has to do more than just disseminating the dissemination of the virus . Spread the recovery stories , lifestyle changes etc . Feasible solutions of business are constantly charted out to feed the breadwinners . We simply cannot afford to flout the rule of law because it is a rare scenario where priority is homogeneous .

An austere life is becoming a humdrum , yes , its hard . Works from home are becoming equally insipid . But hey, this as brought out even the not so loquacious politicians to get a seat at the table . New age misanthropics are on the rise although calling themselves misanthropes would be a misnomer because they extrapolate the negligence of humans with little knowledge of the times when humans were obsequious . The only way to placate them is to project the resilience they think we seem to lack.

We are constantly being questioned about our proclivities in political , social , economic , environmental space . Maybe that’s for the best . Debates bring out the best possible outcomes as long as it doesn’t become puerile . Most plan of actions might seem quixotic , not assessing the practicality but it can be something we can strive towards . International organizations are lending money to governments in the hope that they wouldn’t be spendthrift . Hardly anyone is a taciturn at times like these, neither should they be . People will have their own time frame of being wary in the forthcoming years and they should be as long as it’s purely physical . Let’s respect that and sit tight

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