A story using GRE words (Group 2 : 30 words)

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Children today are adulterated with unimportant tasks which they perceive as important . Experts advocate a change in parents behavior to automatically nudge them to decide which are actually important. Privileged kids are burdened with the responsibility of aggrandizing their parents’ reputation which eventually makes them lose the alacrity to do what they love . What happens in turn is their thoughts risk the nature of being ambivalent all the time . Soon it might become hard to ameliorate their decision making skills . Taking notice of such hardships early on , parents’ can make sure their children are still amenable

Parents should also make sure they adapt new age principles for the tomorrow’s world and not impose their anachronistic principles . Doing so might make kids respond with an audacious remark . Parents’ should project themselves as being audacious at unexpected times so as to show their kids about the possibilities . Privileged kids often end up being avaricious , caught in a materialistic world , losing their way of finding happiness. What happens eventually they also lose their authenticity and creativity and produce banal results. They also lose their basic benign self when meeting a fellow human . Their actions are driven by a blind brazen assurance . They might lose their competitive spirit and think of ways to destroy the opponent driven by calumny .

Parents’ should establish a candid behavior early on to catch the trajectory of their kids thought process . Castigating for their behaviors ensures they can distinguish between good and bad . Social skills like jokes in a caustic tone are signs of losing empathy. Kids risk the tendency of being construed wrongly even if they are genuine. They should express a contrite behavior as soon as possible. The later they express remorse the worse their behavior gets.

Teachers should ensure the kids can debate the most convoluted topics without feeling confused . They should teach kids to get what they covet with the most harmless means possible . They should also ensure kids are not craven every time they face difficult situations. Perhaps the hardest thing for a teacher is maintaining decorum . They should be taught the why of it and not the mere following of rules. They should watch out for each and every kids’ behavior towards a particular skill , their deft strokes of the brush , their deft footwork in football etc . Demure and ingenuous kids are to be made aware of the world out there and enhance their ability to be courageous .

Kids should find their authenticity early on and not just be another derivative. Their ideas should be heard however desiccated they seem . Their writing skills reflect their opinions and so they should ensure they don’t produce a diatribe against someone or something . If they find something incredulous , they should be made to justify it so as to enhance their debating skills going forward.

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